Wayne, owner of WRBphotography has been involved in photography for over a decade and he remains amazed at how each shoot, from a commercial shoot to a portrait session or a wedding , the images captured are as individual as the people he works with. 

Wayne received his first camera when he was 13 - this lifetime interest & passion in photography and a desire to capture the moments of family life, led him to want to help capture those special moments in other peoples lives.

The ability to translate other peoples memories to images is a constant source of joy and inspiration for Wayne, and of course, theres the added bonus of seeing products & companies he has worked with professionally for in advertising & magazines too.

Wayne is a professional photographer with a Diploma of Photography, and continues to update his training to keep up with modern trends and update his equipment so that you can be assured of the quality and service you receive.

Now that you know a little about Wayne & WRBphotography, we'd love to hear from you and how WRBphotography can help you to bring those ideas to life.